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The mission of the Purdue Autism Research Center (PARC) is to support individuals with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities by (1) advancing scientific discovery through interdisciplinary research that bridges cell cultures to community cultures, (2) mentoring the next generation of thought leaders, including scientists and practitioners, and (3) partnering with self-advocates, families, and communities to translate scientific discovery for lasting societal impact. 


​Our Center researchers are conducting cutting-edge research ranging from cell cultures to community cultures. PARC investigators are supported by a variety of federal, foundation, and private grants.

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Supporting and engaging Boilermakers is at the heart of PARC’s mission. Students are involved in PARC affiliated labs across campus. PARC faculty also teach a number of courses to relevant to autism and neurodevelopmental disorders.

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PARC Pilot Grants Program

The PARC Pilot Grants program was created with generous support from the Boilermaker community. The program funds over $25,000 annually in research and engagement grants to accelerate Purdue’s impact on the field of autism research.

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PARC Annual Conference

Our annual PARC Autism Research Conference is a highlight for our Boilermaker community. Join us April 5, 2024 for a showcase of interdisciplinary research being conducted at Purdue and beyond.

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