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Our choices shape the world, and the world shapes our choices.

The Global Risk and Individual Decisions (GRID) Laboratory is directed by Dr. Stephen Broomell, Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University.

The GRID Lab drives Dr. Broomell’s research exploring how the environment shapes human judgment and choice. We use a combination of lab experiments, quantitative analysis, and simulations to develop and test new theories of how the world affects individual decision making under uncertainty, and in turn, how individual judgments and decisions can be marshaled to mitigate global risks.

As a general theme, we find that information environments associated with large-scale risks (such as climate and health risks) are disconnected from individual-level observations leading to judgment errors and biases in decision making that can compound risks. The results have implications for psychological theory as well as public policy.

Psychological Theory of Judgment and Choice.

​​Our research focuses on variable experiences that exist in the world and we posit theories that can explain how these experiences effect perceptions of confidence and judgment accuracy.

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The Role of Scientific Evidence in Judgment and Choice

​​Our research investigates the intersection between scientific evidence and everyday experiences to guide our understanding of public perceptions of scientific uncertainty, the communication of uncertain scientific results, and the role of expert judgment in public policy.

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Advancing Methodology for Studying Judgment and Choice

​​Our research has developed several novel statistical approaches for modeling judgments, choices, and information aggregation.

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