Our center is a valuable instructional resource on the Purdue West Lafayette campus. We provide the following volunteer and paid opportunities:

(All applications can be emailed to mcdls@purdue.edu )


The center invites applications from artists at different levels of professionalism to provide regular (once or twice per week) learning opportunities for the children, for example, music, dance, choir, painting, and any other form of art. Download the Artist-in-Residence application here.

Student Administrative Internship

A student administrative internship provides an opportunity to participate in and learn the leadership aspects of administration in an early childhood setting. This unique opportunity will allow the student intern to gain experience in mentoring, coaching, and supervising staff as well as the daily operational needs of the program. Download the Student Administrative Internship application here.

Student Employment

Download the Student Employment application here.


Learn about young children and quality childcare programs while having fun! Assist teachers with recreation, arts, outdoor play, singing, or indoor games. Volunteers are expected to maintain a regular schedule and complete the semester.

Download the Student Volunteer application here.

Download the Non-Student Volunteer application here.