Family/Caregiver Research

Telehealth Neurodevelopmental Disability Caregiver Training

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mandy Rispoli
Co-Principal Investigators/Co-Investigators: Dr. Bridgette Kelleher, Dr. Rose Mason, Dr. Rebecca McNally Keehn, Dr. Brandon Keehn
Funder: Purdue Discovery Park- Big Ideas Challenge 2.0
Purpose: The purpose of this project is to develop, pilot, and evaluate a caregiver training program aligned with evidence-based practices for promoting communication and social skills and decreasing challenging behavior in young children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Project WELL-CAST- Supporting Well-Being of Caregivers of Individuals with Angelman via Telehealth

Principal Investigator: Dr. Bridgette Kelleher
Co-Principal Investigators/Co-Investigators: Dr. Mandy Rispoli, Dr. Dan Foti, Dr. Kelly LeMaire
Funder: Angelman Syndrome Foundation
Purpose: This project aims to evaluate and expand support for families of young children with Angelman syndrome. The project contains two main aims: (1) to empirically evaluate a telehealth mental health program for caregivers, and (2) to empirically evaluate a telehealth parent training program in communication intervention.

The Parent Intervention Experiences Study

Principal Investigator: Dr. Carolyn McCormick
Purpose: The aims of this project are to evaluate the implementation of a parent-mediated intervention in the community through Part C providers and analyze the impact of participating in the training on parent stress and well-being.