Statewide Policy/School Readiness Research

Evaluation of the On My Way Prekindergarten Program

Co-Principal Investigators/Co-Investigators: Dr. David Purpura, Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. James Elicker
Funder: State of Indiana
Purpose: The primary aim of this longitudinal study is to evaluate the impact of Indiana’s On My Way Prekindergarten (OMW PreK) Program on children’s school readiness and subsequent academic achievement using a quasi-experimental design.

Childcare Language Environments and Children’s School Readiness

Principal Investigator: Dr. Robert Duncan
Funder: Kinley Trust; Purdue Research Foundation
Purpose: The primary aim of this project is to better understand the prekindergarten language environments of children and how they relate to children’s school readiness. Language environments are considered one key contextual factor that influences children’s skill development, however, relatively little is known about how these experiences differ between and within preschool classrooms and how different aspects of the language environment relate to school readiness skills (i.e., language, math, literacy, self-regulation).