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Located in Lyles-Porter Hall, the A.H. Ismail Center for Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine is a collaborative effort between the departments of Health and Kinesiology and Nutrition Science at Purdue University. Designed to serve the Purdue and Greater Lafayette communities, the center provides a wellness facility with resources to help you achieve and maintain a maximal degree of health. Through a relaxed exercise environment and modern, state-of-the-art equipment, you’ll be able to increase your physical activity and exercise participation.

Within the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS), the Ismail Center also serves as a centralized hub for multidiscliplinary research where faculty and students can tackle challenges related to health, exercise and nutrition. HHS students majoring in kinesiology; nutrition, fitness, and health; public health; nursing; and health sciences also have opportunities to practice and refine their skills in the Ismail Center by supervising fitness assessments, personal training, and conducting free health and wellness clinics.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Friday
    7AM -7:30PM (Fall Semester)
  • Closed on Saturday and Sunday
  • SPRING BREAK FRI. 3/8 (Close at 5pm) 3/11-3/15 Normal Hours
  • Parking Information

Facilities and Services

​​The Ismail Center offers cutting-edge cardiovascular, resistance, balance and flexibility equipment to help you achieve your wellness goals while also housing high-caliber research spaces to drive innovation across lifestyle-related intervention strategies.

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​​From our unmatched personal service to our relaxed exercise environment, there are many benefits to becoming a member of the Ismail Center. Whether you’re trying to get back into shape or training for a marathon, you can tailor your membership to your fitness journey.

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Nutrition Fitness Health Research


Research is central to better understanding how physical activity can prevent and manage chronic diseases across the life span. Because of this, the center fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and research to explore topics related to health, exercise and nutrition.

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Nutrition Fitness Health Research


As an Ismail Center employee, you’ll gain valuable experience helping individuals of all ages achieve optimum fitness and health. From student internships to personal training and group exercise instruction, there are a variety of opportunities to get involved in the center.

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