Treatment Outcome Prediction

Molecular Image-guided Treatment Outcome and Toxicity Prediction

With tumor/organ-specific radiopharmaceutical drugs emerging, we have gained valuable insights into tumor biochemical activities and treatment response, bolstering clinical decision-making. However, this is an emerging research area, and several questions are yet to be answered to understand when and how to use molecular imaging to support clinical decision-making.

We aim to explore and integrate novel radiopharmaceutical drugs into the radiotherapy world and learn when and how to use them. In addition, we intend to understand the best radiopharmaceutical drugs for treatment guidance and assessment through clinical studies.

Also, we are developing a positron emission tomography radiomics library to understand the best features on the textural level that can be used to predict treatment response.

By harnessing machine learning techniques, we are currently in the process of crafting prognostic and predictive tools. These tools integrate both clinical data and quantitative imaging biomarkers, with the ultimate goal of bolstering clinical decision-making and advancing the realm of personalized medicine.