Summer Fun

About Summer Fun

In our Summer Fun program, 4- and 5-year-old children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) come to Lyles-Porter Hall on the Purdue campus three mornings a week for four weeks. Each morning, time is devoted to speech therapy, preschool learning, and research activities.

Research is done during two 30-minute periods and uses computers, toys, puppets, and picture books in a way that is designed to be engaging and entertaining for preschoolers.

An additional two 30-minute periods are spent in group and individual speech-language therapy conducted by ASHA certified speech-language pathologists/clinicians and students from SLHS. Individual therapy focuses on specific speech and language goals, while group therapy emphasizes experiential and enrichment activities. We call it “Summer Fun” because the children really do have a great time!

Over the course of the program, each child receives:

  • 12 30-minute sessions of individual speech-language therapy and 12 30-minute periods of small group therapy, at no cost to families.
  • In addition, families receive $15 per day for participation in research.

This program provides a valuable opportunity to study many aspects of speech and language development in the same children. It also provides therapy during the summer months, when services are often unavailable through the schools.

If you are an interested parent or clinician in central Indiana, please contact us at any time during the year for more information about Summer Fun! Eligibility testing begins in March. In 2024, program dates are 6/11-7/3.

Contact Pat Deevy at, (765) 496-1821 or (800) 691-4700.

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