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Pronouns: She/her

Hometown: Munster, Indiana

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Calista Petersen

HHS Student Ambassador

HHS Major


Human Development and Family Studies

Career Goal

Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

Something Cool/Unique About Me

Something unique about me is that I have partial heterochromia, meaning I have partial segments of my blue/green eyes that are brown. It is either one of the first or last things people notice about me, but it is definitely something people remember most about me.

Advice For Students

You get out what you put into each of your experiences. Going into college with this mentality definitely encourages you to make the most out of every situation and every opportunity. Purdue University offers a great campus life; however, it is your decision whether or not you take advantage of the resources and different possibilities.

List of Clubs and Organizations

  • National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association
  • Social Olympics College at Purdue University
  • Purdue Dance Marathon
  • and Pi Beta Phi