Minors Available to Undergraduate Students

Students in the College of Health and Human Sciences may pursue a wide variety of minors. The length of time it takes to complete these minors is dependent upon the student’s major and the particular minor. Some majors accommodate minors within the regular four-year plan of study. Other combinations require the student to extend their studies beyond four years.

HHS students interested in pursuing a minor are encouraged to make an appointment to see their academic advisor to discuss the requirements for the minor and how the courses fit within their plan of study.

Minors from the following HHS units and schools, with the exception of HTM International Studies, are available to all majors at the West Lafayette Campus.

The links below are to the most recent Fall Catalog. Previous versions of the catalog may be viewed and accessed from this page.


Health Sciences

Quality research and education programs in this school enhance health, the environment and safe working conditions.

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Preparing graduates to be successful in the wide and rapidly changing hospitality and tourism industry.

Human Development and Family Science

Gain knowledge about development, health and well-being throughout the life span and have the opportunity to work with infants, children, youth, adults, and families.

Nutrition Science

Improve daily diets, achieve medical breakthroughs that help cure life-threatening diseases, prepare for successful business careers, and gain the skills needed to succeed in graduate/professional school.

Psychological Sciences

From eating behaviors and employee motivation to how we perceive and interact with others, psychology intersects everything we do. It helps us understand the processes at the root of a number of human problems, ultimately enhancing happiness, health and well-being.


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