Purdue School of Nursing students who are enrolled in the John Martinson Honors College must complete all requirements of the John Martinson Honors College.

School of Nursing Honors Pathway

The Purdue School of Nursing has designed a “Purdue School of Nursing Honors Pathway” that has been approved by the John Martinson Honors College. The pathway includes courses that are otherwise required as part of the School of Nursing undergraduate BSN curriculum. Additional didactic and research related assignments are integrated into the pathway courses to fulfill John Martinson Honors College course and Scholarly Project requirements. The pathway courses include:

  • NUR 10900 – Introduction to Nursing II (1 cr)
  • NUR 22301 – Foundations of Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice (3 cr)
  • NUR 31801 – Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (5 cr)
  • NUR 41001 – Issues in Professional Nursing (2 cr)

Honors students who wish to enroll in one or more of the pathway courses for honors credit will have the opportunity to review syllabi that describe honors requirements. If students decide to enroll in pathway courses for honors credit, they will be required to contract the courses with the instructors by signing an Honors Contract Form and a Form 23 which will designate honors grade mode.

Eligibility for the School of Nursing Honors Program

To participate in the School of Nursing Honors Program, students must:

  • Be enrolled in the Purdue Honors College.
  • Maintain an overall 3.5/4.0 GPA or better.
  • Complete at least one Honors course per academic year.

Contact Information

For more information you may contact Dr. Deborah Dye, Clinical Assistant Professor, (dkdye@purdue.edu) or Lisa Jackman, Senior Academic Advisor in the Purdue School of Nursing, (ljackman@purdue.edu).