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Maximize your Boilermaker experience

Designed for recipients of the Emerging Leaders Scholarship, the Emerging Leaders Scholars program is a comprehensive, four-year experience designed to maximize your Boilermaker experience and reach your full potential at Purdue. Emerging Leaders Scholars in the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) receive special benefits exclusive to HHS undergraduate students.

Exclusive HHS Benefits

On top of the Emerging Leaders Scholarship, HHS Emerging Leaders Scholars gain access to the following college-specific opportunities:

  • Participation in the HHS Connex Summer Experience program (through Early Start). In addition to jump-starting your Purdue experience, this program offers the benefits of:
    • A five-week summer academic session (starting in July) where you can earn nine credit hours toward your degree requirements and put yourself ahead of schedule for degree completion.
    • Access to HHS resources, events and activities that are both fun and rewarding and help you network with HHS faculty, staff, peers and alumni.
    • Peer mentoring with an experienced HHS Emerging Leaders Scholar.
    • Access to study abroad and leadership experiences.
    • HHS programming with other HHS Emerging Leaders Scholars to help you network, build your community, and develop academic and professional development skills.
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The Emerging Leaders Scholarship is administered by the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, and requirements to maintain the scholarship are determined by the university. Students are expected to have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA; GPA is checked annually at the end of each spring semester. Information about additional requirements can be found in the Emerging Leaders Scholars FAQ.

For HHS students to have access to programming and benefits of the HHS Emerging Leader Scholars program, they must have:

  • Continuous full-time enrollment (minimum 12 credit hours) in the College of Health and Human Sciences, excluding summers.
  • Continuous progress toward completion of a College of Health and Human Sciences degree program.