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HHS Marketing, Communications and Events is responsible for developing and implementing top-level marketing, communications and college-level event initiatives for the College of Health and Human Sciences. We also consult with HHS departments and schools to guide them in aligning their marketing and communications efforts to the Purdue University brand and messaging. Consultation for departmental events is also available.

This communications toolbox provides a variety of valuable marketing and communications resources, from how to access logos and branded PowerPoint presentations to how to order giveaways that meet Purdue’s branding and licensing guidelines — you’ll find it all and more here.

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Intake Forms

Select the category that most closely aligns with your HHS Marketing and Communications request. Lead times reflect business days.

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Promoting HHS Research

If you’re contacted by media about your research or area of expertise, please notify HHS Marketing, Communications and Events by sending an email to Denise Buhrmester, director of communications, at dmbuhrmester@purdue.edu so we can amplify the opportunity.

Do you have a research story idea? Recently accepted to a peer-reviewed journal or preparing to submit groundbreaking results? Please complete our short communications form for researchers.

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Creating Branded Content

All communications, regardless of who produces them, must be in the Purdue brand. The Purdue Marketing and Communications website is an excellent source for information regarding logo usage, brand fonts and colors, and much more. In particular, the website’s Marketer’s Toolbox section contains valuable resources for creating branded and compelling content.

Only University-sanctioned logos are to be used. Do not create your own logo or tagline.

Purdue-branded templates for a wide range of communications are available at no cost to Purdue faculty and staff.

Branded Merchandise/Giveaways

If you plan to order merchandise/giveaways or intend to set up an online storefront to manage or sell merchandise, you must follow the brand and licensing guidelines outlined by Purdue Marketing and Communications.

Branded PowerPoint Templates

Download readily available department, college and university PowerPoint templates in both standard and widescreen formats.

Health and KinesiologyStandard | Widescreen
Health SciencesStandard | Widescreen
Hospitality and Tourism ManagementStandard | Widescreen
Human Development and Family ScienceStandard | Widescreen
NursingStandard | Widescreen
Nutrition ScienceStandard | Widescreen
Psychological SciencesStandard | Widescreen
Public HealthStandard | Widescreen
Speech, Language and Hearing SciencesStandard | Widescreen
College of Health and Human SciencesStandard | Widescreen
Purdue University Templates

Branded Research Template

This downloadable 36-by-48-inch research poster template allows you to display your research in a visually appealing, Purdue-branded design using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Download .zip file

For individuals who are experienced in Adobe InDesign, you can explore a wider range of research poster template options on the Purdue Marketing and Communications website.

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Social Media

Before establishing any Purdue/HHS-affiliated social media account, please consult with April Holajter.

The Purdue Marketing and Communications’ website offers valuable social media guidelines for establishing and maintaining engaging social media accounts. Best practices for social media strategy, including a content calendar, editorial guidelines, social media design, accessibility, etc., must be followed and be within brand guidelines. This must be considered even if the account is run by students on a department’s behalf.

See Purdue Marketing and Communications’ detailed Digital Engagement Guide for helpful guidelines and best practices.

If you’d like to collaborate with HHS social media, please connect with April Holajter.

Join HHS on social media:

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HHS Website homepage


The College of Health and Human Sciences website is maintained by HHS Marketing, Communications and Events. Please use the Website Update intake form to submit an update.

Lab and Center Websites

HHS Marketing, Communications and Events is able to provide a hosting environment within the main college project in WordPress. Client partners can submit a request to have a packaged template site created.

Requested sites will need to follow a URL structure of hhs.purdue.edu/[lab/center-name].

View Template WordPress Tutorials

Rules of Engagement

Once the form is submitted, please allow at least two business days for HHS Marketing and Communications to review your request.

Once approved, HHS Marketing and Communications will set up a basic packaged skeleton site within five business days. Samples of what client partners will receive can be viewed here: https://hhs.purdue.edu/lab-template.

It is strongly recommended that the center/lab owner has content written, reviewed and proofread before requesting a website. Due to the nature of WordPress, sites will be developed in production (on the live server) and therefore be viewable by anyone who has the link from the time your package is initially requested and set up. The site could potentially be found in search results as well. This is why we recommend having a plan in place for content and a timeline for completion of the site.

The center/lab owner will be responsible for building out the site using the WordPress Purdue theme and blocks with approved plugins. WordPress training materials can be viewed here.

The center/lab owner will be responsible for maintaining the site. Please have a plan in place for maintenance and at least two users who will have access to the site at all times.

The website must follow Purdue Branding Guidelines. No curated logos or marks will be allowed outside of the Purdue brand, colors, fonts, etc. View the brand guidelines.

HHS Marketing and Communications will review the site upon completion. Please allow four business days for this process. Larger sites may require additional time.

Users must contact HHS Marketing and Communications before installing plugins. Plugins must be approved and also be listed on iTaP’s approved plugin list.

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HHS PhotoShelter screenshot

HHS PhotoShelter Galleries

HHS Marketing, Communications and Events utilizes PhotoShelter to manage the college’s digital asset library. Galleries have been created for use by HHS faculty and staff.

View HHS Images and Videos

HHS faculty and staff can view and download HHS-related images and videos via the online HHS PhotoShelter galleries. To request access, HHS faculty and staff should complete the online HHS PhotoShelter Access Request form. Within three business days of submission, a representative from HHS Communications will grant access to relevant galleries via the “Invited User” function in PhotoShelter. “Relevant galleries” are those relevant to the user’s department and/or job responsibilities.

Invited Users can access the HHS galleries online.

Access HHS galleries

Share Your HHS Images and Videos

HHS faculty and staff are encouraged to share HHS-related photos with HHS Marketing and Communications for potential use in digital and print marketing and communications materials. As a “Contributor,” you will be able to upload images and videos directly to the HHS PhotoShelter account. Uploaded files will be reviewed and curated by HHS Communications and then tagged and added to the relevant gallery within the HHS PhotoShelter library.

Please complete the online HHS PhotoShelter Access Request form to become a “Contributor.” Within three business days of submission, you will receive an email inviting you to activate your account. Once you’ve accepted your Contributor invitation, follow the instructions in this online article for how to activate your account as a Contributor and upload files.

Note: Unless a Contributor is also an Invited User, they won’t be able to view and download relevant galleries from the HHS PhotoShelter account. See “View HHS images and videos” above for information about Invited Users.

The simplest way Contributors can upload videos and images is via the Contributor Web Uploader. Contributors can also upload with the Mobile Uploader App.

Do not upload images or videos of minors unless a signed consent form is on file in your department.

How to title/describe your upload: Include department, activity or event, season/month, and year. For example, “NUR Study Abroad in Mexico, summer 2023” or “HHS Connex ice cream social, spring 2022” or “SLHS Aphasia Lab, fall 2022.”

View Purdue Marketing and Communications Galleries

Additional imagery is available online via Purdue Marketing and Communications’ galleries.

For questions regarding the HHS PhotoShelter account, please contact Denise Buhrmester at dmbuhrmester@purdue.edu.

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HHS PhotoShelter screenshot

HHS Event Calendar

HHS Marketing, Communications and Events manages an external event calendar on the HHS website as well as an internal event calendar via Outlook for HHS leadership and administrative assistants. The external event calendar houses events that are open to the public or relevant to the broader college. The internal event calendar is used primarily to prevent scheduling conflicts and should include all events on the external calendar as well as any internal college-level meetings and any major department/school events.

Have an event you’d like placed on the external or internal calendar? Submit our event intake form.  

To submit a public event to the university calendar, please visit the calendar website. If you think you should have access to the internal event calendar, please contact Casey Dexter at casey38@purdue.edu.

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HHS Communications Team

Casey Dexter

Senior Director of Marketing, Communications and Events

Denise Buhrmester

Director of Communications

Tim Brouk

Senior Communications Manager

Maegan Cutter

Events Coordinator

Rebecca Hoffa

Senior Communications Administrator

April Holajter

Senior Social Media Specialist

Amanda Wright Swanger

Lead Multimedia Designer