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Interested in changing from one HHS major to another, switching out of another college into HHS, or adding a second HHS major or degree? Reach out to your current academic advisor and explore the recommendations below.

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How do I change my major?

Before setting up an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss changing your major or adding a second one, you’ll want to carefully explore the requirements for your desired HHS major. Review the information below to learn more about the step-by-step process for changing your major.

Steps for changing your major

  1. Review the Major Change Requirements and Degree Requirements.
  2. Run a “What If” report in MyPurduePlan for your desired major.
    • Log into MyPurdue.
    • Select the “Academic” tab.
    • Select “MyPurduePlan.”
    • On the “Worksheets” tab, click “What If.”
    • Select the level (ex. Undergraduate).
    • Select the degree (ex. Bachelor of Science).
    • Select the catalog term (ex. Fall 2015).
    • Choose the major you are interested in.
    • Select the college (Health and Human Sciences).
    • Select a minor, if you wish.
    • Click the “Process What-If” tab.
  3. Register for an HHS advising meeting. If you experience problems registering, please email
    During the meeting, an academic advisor will review:
    • The academic unit, its majors and why students select them.
    • Careers associated with these majors.
    • The requirements and process to change your major.
    • Answer any remaining questions you may have about the major/opportunities.

Complete the Major Change Process

  1. When you are ready to change your major, talk to your current academic advisor and they will initiate the online major change request process.
  2. Check your Purdue email account regularly for messages related to your major change request, and follow all instructions. 
  3. Check myPurdue to see your new major and new academic advisor after your major change request has been approved.

If you have a scholarship, be sure to talk with the Division of Financial Aid (DFA) about any potential negative consequences of changing your major.

Visit Purdue Academic Advising for more information about the process for changing your major. 

Major Change Requirements

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