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Embrace Your Boilermaker Community Through HHS Connex

In the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS), we stand together to support your next giant leap. Through the new HHS Connex program, you’ll have access to additional events, activities and experiences beyond existing HHS programming that are designed to foster community, belongingness and allyship among HHS undergraduate students. The program is sponsored by the HHS Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the HHS Undergraduate DEI Committee.

Stay up to date on the latest activities and learn more about DEI in HHS by following @HHSConnex on Instagram. Please email us at hhsconnex@purdue.edu with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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HHS Connex Summer Experience

The HHS Connex Summer Experience is College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) program designed to welcome first-year students, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds (e.g., racial and ethnic minorities, as well as first-generation, rural and limited-income students). Any student may apply and be accepted.

Part of Purdue’s Early Start program, the HHS Connex Summer Experience offers you the opportunity to get a head start on your academics, learn about resources, build community, participate in events and immerse yourself in the college when campus is less busy, allowing you to become acclimated and have a successful transition to Purdue. You will earn nine credit hours toward your degree requirements during a five-week summer session starting in July. The five-week session spans July 8 to August 9, 2024. Move-in takes place Saturday, July 6, and orientation will occur July 6 and July 7.

By participating in the HHS Connex Summer Experience, you will join a cohort of students and generate community and connection through:

  • Mentoring from HHS students who have been specially selected to help you build peer networks and learn about academic success resources.
  • College-specific extracurricular activities, such as dinner with HHS alumni working in industry and dinner with HHS VIPs (administrators, faculty and student leaders).
  • Shared engagement and community in taking courses with other HHS Connex Summer Experience students, including at least one small HHS course that will put you ahead of schedule for degree completion.
  • Professional networking and early career exploration events organized in partnership with HHS Career Development.
  • Opportunities to learn about undergraduate research from HHS faculty.
  • Staying in a residence hall with other HHS Connex Summer Experience students.

The HHS Connex Summer Experience is exclusive to the College of Health and Human Sciences with events intended to meet the needs of HHS students. HHS Emerging Leaders Scholars who participate in Early Start will automatically join the HHS Connex Summer Experience and will also gain access to Emerging Leaders Scholars events and opportunities.

Connex students enroll in seven to nine credit hours, including the following:

  • PSY 12000 (for HHS Connex students only)
  • HONR 120, GS 120 or GS 19501
  • One additional course offered during the summer

All courses must be taken in-person. Distance learning will not be allowed to facilitate the residential aspect of the HHS Connex Summer Experience. The only exception will be for students who have already received credit for PSY 12000 and for whom no other suitable courses are offered in-person. All students will stay in the same residence hall and engage in peer mentoring activities.

Additional Required Activities

In addition to participating in required Early Start events, students will be required to engage in the following HHS-specific activities:

  • A formal VIP welcome dinner where students can meet and hear from HHS leadership.
  • A networking event with recent alumni from a variety of fields and careers, where you can hear about their experiences as HHS students and collect advice for success as a Boilermaker.
  • Faculty research lab visits alongside your peer mentor to learn more about research opportunities.
  • A professional purposes workshop offered by HHS Career Development.
  • A closing celebration to reflect on your successes.

Application Process

Although the HHS Connex Summer Experience is part of Early Start, students must complete a brief application form to be accepted into the program. Opting into Early Start does not automatically qualify you for the HHS Connex Summer Experience unless you are an HHS Emerging Leaders Scholar. For information about the Summer 2025 program, please contact Tammy Conard-Salvo.