Jason Cannon

Professor, Acting Head, School of Health Sciences

Assistant Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Courtesy Appointments

Department of Public Health

Areas of Expertise

  • Neurobiology of disease; Neurodegeneration; Neurotoxicology

HHS Signature Research Area(s)

  • Healthy Lifestyles and Vital Longevity

School of Health Sciences Research Area(s)

  • Toxicology


Dr. Cannon is trained in toxicology and neuroscience. He is an expert on how toxic exposures adversely affect the nervous system. Dr. Cannon teaches the following subjects: general toxicology, analytical toxicology (quantification of drugs of abuse, environmental and industrial toxicants), biochemical toxicology (mechanisms of toxic action) toxicologic pathology, neurotoxicology, neurodegeneration. Dr. Cannon conducts research on how toxic exposures impact neurologic function and may influence the onset and progression of neurological diseases. He provides scientific expertise on toxicology and neurodegeneration to government, nonprofit, industry, and legal sectors.


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship (Neurodegeneration), University of Pittsburgh
  • PhD (Toxicology), University of Michigan
  • BS (Physiology), Michigan State University


Current Courses

  • HSCI562 - Analytical Toxicology & Pathology
  • HSCI671 - Biochemical Toxicology
  • HSCI696 - Seminar in Health Sciences