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Pronouns: she/her

Phone: 765-496-0202


Lyles-Porter Hall, Room 3072
715 Clinic Drive

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Maureen Shader

Assistant Professor, Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Areas of Expertise

  • Optical Neuroimaging
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Auditory & Visual Speech Processing
  • Auditory Aging


Maureen Shader is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at Purdue University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Nazareth College of Rochester and a Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) degree from Gallaudet University. She earned her Ph.D. in Hearing and Speech Sciences from the University of Maryland College Park. Maureen completed a post-doctoral research fellowship as part of the Translational Hearing Research Group at the Bionics Institute of Australia where she developed a diagnostic test battery to address poor outcomes experienced by cochlear implant recipients.

Maureen’s research investigates auditory perception and cortical processing in adults with cochlear implants. She uses an optical neuroimaging technique, functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), to safely and non-invasively image the brain in individuals with auditory prosthetic devices. The goal of her research program is to better understand individual differences within the population of cochlear implant recipients and to improve post-implantation outcomes.


  • BS, 2008, Nazareth College of Rochester
  • AuD, 2013, Gallaudet University
  • PhD, 2019, University of Maryland College Park

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Current Courses

  • SLHS 402 - Introduction to Hearing Loss Treatment and Management

Selected Publications

  • Shader, M. J., Kwon, B. J., Gordon-Salant, S., and Goupell, M. J. (2022). Open-set phoneme recognition performance with varied temporal cues in younger and older cochlear-implant users, Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 65(3), 1196-1211. doi: 10.1044/2021_JSLHR-21-00299
  • Luke, R., Shader, M. J., and McAlpine, D. (2021). Characterization of Mayer wave oscillations in functional near-infrared spectroscopy using a physiologically informed model of the neural power spectra, Neurophotonics, 8(4), 041001. doi: 10.1117/1.NPh.8.4.041001
  • Shader, M. J., Luke, R., Gouailhardou, N., and McKay, C. M. (2021). The use of broad vs restricted regions of interest in functional near-infrared spectroscopy for measuring cortical activation to auditory-only and visual-only speech, Hearing Research, 406, 108256. doi: 10.1016/j.heares.2021.108256
  • Luke, R., Larson, E., Shader, M. J., Innes-Brown, H., Van Yper, L., Lee, A. K. C., Sowman, P. F., McAlpine, D. (2021). Analysis methods for measuring passive auditory fNIRS responses generated by a block-design paradigm, Neurophotonics, 8(2), 025008. doi: 10.1117/1.NPh.8.2.025008
  • Shader, M. J., Gordon-Salant, S., and Goupell, M. J. (2020). The impact of aging and the electrode-to-neural interface on temporal processing ability in cochlear-implant users: Amplitude modulation detection thresholds, Trends in Hearing, 24, 1-14. doi: 10.1177/2331216520936160

Selected Honors/Awards

  • Favorite Faculty Award, Most Distinguished Faculty for Academics, Purdue University Residences - April 2022
  • New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarship, American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation - November 2018

Selected Grants

  • Principal Investigator, Temporal Processing Ability in Older Cochlear-Implant Users. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (F32 DC016478). Matthew J Goupell (Co-sponsor), Sandra Gordon-Salant (Co-sponsor). Period: 09/25/2017 - 09/24/2018