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Hometown: Fort Wayne

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Morgan Schaefer

HHS Student Ambassador

HHS Major




Career Goal

I plan to attend grad school to further my nursing education in an undecided specialty.

Something Cool/Unique About Me

I am a Jesus and coffee loving nursing student who grew up on a hobby farm showing and judging a variety of livestock species. Despite growing up on a farm, I am deeply afraid of kittens. I enjoy reading, cross stitching, and playing golf. Pink is my power color, and going to all 50 states is my highest bucket list item. I have wanted to be a nurse since 6th grade, and not only is it my passion, but I truly believe it is my calling.

Advice For Students

You can earn a nursing degree at most universities, but earning one at Purdue University, West Lafayette will not only set you apart to become an exceptional nurse, but it will also open doors to practice in any area or with any healthcare network you desire. I had extremely high expectations going into Purdue, and those expectations were beyond exceeded. I had two worries going into Purdue: that the university was too big and that I would not find a Christian community, but neither of these doubts were true. There are countless was to make Purdue small and find communities that make the university feel homey. Additionally, there are so many Christian communities around Campus, and I have met some amazing people who are continually helping me grow in my faith. I am truly in love with Purdue, and it is genuinely my home away from home! <3

List of Clubs and Organizations

  • Delight Ministries
  • BYX Devo Nights
  • The Porch
  • Campus House