2023-2024 Graduate Scholarships and Awards

Each of our scholarships require the completion of our application package, which consists of the application/nomination form, a brief statement and the permission/agreement form. To be considered for one or more of the scholarships below, we invite you to complete the application package.

Application/nomination package:

  1. Completed application/nomination form
  2. Brief statement (see nomination form)
  3. Permission/agreement form

The deadline is Monday, Feb.5, 2024 11:59 PM.

Please submit the application package online as a combined PDF document.

Submit Forms

Descriptions and Criteria

The following nomination package for the Wayne V. Kessler Graduate Award must submitted by the major professor:

  1. Nomination letter from the major professor
  2. The nominee’s full CV
  3. Signed permission/agreement form

The Wayne V. Kessler Graduate Student Award is given annually to a graduate student who has demonstrated outstanding academic and research performance, as well as teaching potential. The eligibility requirements and selection criteria for this award are:

  1. demonstrated academic achievement, research accomplishments, and teaching effectiveness;
  2. involvement in local or national professional organizations;
  3. skill in communicating research findings through poster or oral technical presentations; 
  4. minimum grade point average of 3.00;
  5. candidates are nominated by a letter from their major professor.

The graduate service award is presented annually to recognize outstanding contributions, by a graduate student, in support of student or School activities.  The eligibility requirements and selection criteria for this award are:         

  1. assistance to staff/faculty in academic/professional activities;
  2. an attitude toward serving; and
  3. activities in professional organizations within the School of Health Science.

The Dr. Bruce and Becky Mallett Scholarship is given annually to a graduate student enrolled in the School of Health Sciences who demonstrated academic and research excellence. The eligibility requirements and selection criteria for this award are:

  1. Overall GPA;
  2. Research excellence;
  3. Preference is given to the students who are enrolled in the Health Physics M.Sc. program.

The Tim and Sonya Kirkham Graduate Scholarship recognizes a graduate student in Health Sciences with preference, but not limited to, students majoring in Health Physics. The eligibility requirements and selection criteria for this scholarship are:

  1. The scholarship is renewable provided the recipient continues to meet the eligibility requirements and selection criteria.  Re-application each year is necessary.
  2. Academic performance, scholarly accomplishment and/or service engagement related to health physics, radiological health, and health sciences.

The HSCI Graduate Teaching Award recognizes a graduate student who has clearly demonstrated outstanding teaching ability either as TA or instructor for one or more of courses within HSCI. The eligibility and selection criteria for this award are:

  1. The student must be registered as full-time graduate student.
  2. The student must have served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for at least two sessions during their HSCI graduate program.