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Pronouns: she/her

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PRCE 1130A
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Heather Ciesielski

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences

Areas of Expertise

  • I have been in clinical practice for 15 years. My clinical work has been predominantly in the area of ADHD and related behavioral, emotional, and learning difficulties.
  • My research has been predominantly focused on clinical outcomes for evidence-based treatments, particularly behavioral parent training.


Dr. Ciesielski is a licensed clinical psychologist with a primary practice focusing on the evaluation and treatment of children with ADHD and related behavioral, family, learning, and emotional concerns. Dr. Ciesielski’s teaching interests include training in child assessment and evidence-based intervention as well as ethics/bioethics. Her research interests include clinical outcomes of behavioral treatments.


  • PhD, 2006, Southern Illinois University, Clinical Psychology
  • MA, 2014, Medical College of Wisconsin, Bioethics
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist/HSPP Indiana (20043573A/B), Ohio (6931), Kentucky (269216)

Current Courses

  • 679F - Testing and Assessment Practicum
  • 679A - Child Behavior Disorders Practicum

Selected Publications

  • Risley, S., Ciesielski, H.A., Loren, R.E.A., Peugh, J., & Tamm, L. (2020). Effectiveness of Behavioral Parent Training in the Outpatient Setting for Preschoolers at Risk for ADHD. Journal of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy.
  • Ciesielski, H.A., Loren, R.E.A., Tamm, L. (2019). Behavioral parent training for ADHD reduces situational severity of child noncompliance and related parental stress. Journal of Attention Disorders, 24 (5)
  • Loren, R.E.A., Ciesielski, H.A., Tamm, L. (2017). Behavioral parent training groups for ADHD in clinical settings: Does offering a concurrent child group add value? Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, 5(3), 221-231.
  • Tamm, L., Loren, R.E.A., Peugh, J. & Ciesielski, H.A. (2021). The association of executive functioning with academic, behavior, and social performance ratings in children with ADHD. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 54(2), 124-138
  • Zoromski, A.K., Epstein, J.N., Ciesielski, H.A. (2021). Unique Associations between Specific ADHD Symptoms and ADHD -Related Functional Impairments. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association; APA Divisions 53, 54, and 47; Co-Chair Division 54 Bioethics Special Interest Group
  • Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
  • Association of Bioethics and Humanities