We’ve compiled a variety of information and links for easy access to HHS statistics like student enrollment, admissions, degrees conferred, and more.

Fast Facts

Fast Facts lists the number of HHS faculty, staff, students, and living alumni for the current semester.

Data Digest

Data Digest provides interactive and visual information on various data items. Interactive dashboards allow users to drill down and filter data for in-depth exploration. Use it for quick access to commonly used metrics. College-level detail is available to all users, but department- and major-level detail require login access. Content includes:

  • Applications, Admits and Matriculations
  • Degree Counts
  • Instructional Activity
  • Student Enrollment

Management Dashboards

Management Dashboards are interactive displays of information targeted and designed for a specific purpose. Use these dashboards to implement plans with regard to admissions, recruiting, course management, and budgeting. Access to the dashboards requires logging in with your Purdue career account. Content includes:

  • Course Enrollment
  • Financial
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Destinations for Undergraduate Applicants

HHS Data Reports

This Sharepoint site provides important college metrics that either are not found in the Data Digest, or are in a different format than the Data Digest. The collection of reports will evolve over time to meet the needs of leaders in the College. Access is limited to the dean, associate deans, department heads, assistant department heads, directors, assistant directors, and faculty on the undergraduate and graduate curriculum committees. Content includes:

  • Undergraduate
    • Applications, Admits and Freshman Beginners
    • Degrees Conferred
    • Diversity
    • Enrollment
    • Instructional Activity
    • Study Abroad
  • Graduate and Research
    • Applications, Admits and New Student
    • Degrees Conferred
    • Enrollment
    • Research


COGNOS is a web-based database and reporting tool that gets its data from multiple operational systems on campus. Use it for more detailed reports than are available in the Data Digest. Explore the Standard Content folder to find over 100 premade reports on student and financial data. Access is available to individuals with a Cognos license. Content includes:

  • Admissions
    • Admissions Summary Report Census
    • List of Applicants and Admits Census
  • Courses
  • Students
    • Degrees
    • Enrollment
    • Registered Students

Data Cookbook

Data Cookbook is an interactive dictionary of Purdue institutional data. It includes definitions of terms and links to related resources.


Banner is a package of applications that combines administrative and academic functions to make it easy to manage data strategically while giving prospective students, current students, and faculty secure, online access to the information they need. Banner is mainly used by academic advisors.

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