Grant Resources

Budget Tool 

As a principal investigator, the SPS Pre-Award Budget Tool enables you to develop your own draft budgets within certain criteria or receive a budget created by the tool and make adjustments on your own. The budget developed after using this tool is not intended to be sent to a sponsor without Pre-Award review and approval. Learn more about the SPS Pre-Award Budget tool

HHS Funded Grants Library

The College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) Funded Grants Library offers a variety of examples of funded grant proposals across many agencies, funding mechanisms and programs. To browse the examples provided in the library, view the library’s table of contents. You may also request to view full proposals in the library by completing the request form and sending it back to

External Grant Review Program 

HHS offers three submission deadlines throughout the year for you to participate in the external grant review program and get valuable feedback from reviewers. Submit all requests as a single PDF to Decisions will be announced within two weeks of each submission deadline.  

HHS Collaborator Concierge Program

Build your colleague network at Purdue or finalize your team for your grant proposal through the HHS Collaborator Concierge Program. Give us a few details about your needs in the HHS Collaborator Concierge Program form, and we’ll work to help you strengthen your research team.

Hanover Research

Hanover Research is a company that provides high-quality research and analytics support to clients. Some of these resources may be useful to HHS faculty, including a calendar list of funding opportunities, grant writing and professional development resources, and HHS unit funding anaylsis.

Research Support

Find Research Participants

Purdue Today publishes its research participant callout each Friday during the academic year. To be included in the callout, researchers will need to provide:

  • A confirmation of IRB approval.
  • A write-up of what should appear in Purdue Today. Write-up examples are available in the latest callout available here.
  • The timing on when the item should be removed from the callout.

Write-ups should be submitted to a week before the desired publication start date. Once the write-up is submitted, Purdue Today staff will review it for editorial style and content. If any questions come up during review, someone from the Purdue staff will be back in touch.

Research Registry

What is the HHS Research Registry?

  • The Research Registry is a resource that simultaneously elevates our college’s visibility, facilitates positive relationships between researchers and participants, and accelerates research in our strategic mission areas.
  • It will include a list of individuals, families, and community partners who wish to be contacted about research opportunities.
  • Not a regulatory requirement
  • Not a data repository (at this time)

To apply for the Research registry, you must have an IRB-Approved Study

(a) To get your study setup in the RippleScience system, please complete this survey.

(b) Sign the PI agreement (sent via DocuSign, link to be sent after survey link above is complete).

(c) Complete personal or lab-based training (a training link will be provided once your study is added to the RippleScience system)


Q: What if my study doesn’t require consent? Do I still need to offer participants the opportunity to join the HHS research registry?

A: Yes, to help us grow the registry and to be true to its community resource model, all studies that use the Ripple Science Platform (regardless of consent requirements), should offer an opportunity to join the research registry.

Q: What if my population is specialized and I don’t want them to join the research registry – can I still use the Ripple Science Platform?

A: No, currently, we are not allowing individual PIs to use the Ripple Science Platform without at least offering an opportunity to join HHS Research Registry.

Contact information: 765-494-6220

Business Office

The HHS Business Office provides support and connections to research labs in account management, budgeting, employment, human resource services, payroll, purchasing and travel.

Printing Services 

Faculty, staff and students have access to an academic year printing quota to use ITaP printers that can be accessed through Papercut. ITaP also has wide format printing for printing posters. While the printing quota cannot be used for wide format printing, you can add money to your Purdue ID card to do so. If your department or research project is paying for the poster this additional print quota allocation form can be filled out and emailed to for final processing.

Purdue Life Science MRI Facility

Housing a 3T Siemens MAGNETOM Prisma MRI scanner, the Life Science MRI Facility is supported by the College of Health and Human Sciences to advance basic and applied life science research on Purdue’s campus with an emphasis on understanding human health and disease.

Purdue University Clinical Research Center

The Purdue University Clinical Research Center offers space, equipment and staff to support a variety of government, academic and industry-sponsored human clinical research.

Purdue Libraries Open Access Publishing Information

Purdue University Libraries has several open access publishing partnerships that may be beneficial to Purdue researchers as well as an Open Access Publishing Fund.