Medical laboratory sciences is an ideal major for those interested in a career in healthcare. Not only will you learn the science behind clinical diagnostics but how to perform and interpret these analyses with accuracy and precision, like a detective. Its unique 3+1 design means that after building a robust interdisciplinary science foundation on campus, you will spend your final year at one of our medical affiliates building advanced clinical competence and diagnostic skills. Pursuing this undergraduate path means you will play a critical role on the patient care team providing vital information for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our board-certified Medical Laboratory Sciences graduates are in high demand fulfilling a broad spectrum of roles across an array of disciplines including medicine, research, and public health. Medical laboratory sciences can also act as a steppingstone on your path to professional or graduate school such as medicine, biology, or public health.

Career Opportunities

  • Medical laboratory scientist
  • Clinical laboratory scientist
  • Medical laboratory technologist
  • Clinical laboratory technologist

Potential Areas of Advanced Study

  • Biological science program in virology, histology, toxicology, etc.
  • Public health
  • Medical school
  • Accelerated nursing

Learning Experiences

  • Spend the last year of undergraduate education with one of our clinical affiliates, learning in a hospital setting.
  • Participate in internships with research and service companies or criminal investigation labs.
  • Gain lab assistant positions in the school’s research laboratories.
  • Take a phlebotomy training course.
  • Meet and learn from your peers by joining Lambda Tau, the Medical Laboratory Sciences Club.
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“I wanted to go to a big school with a variety of majors and opportunities. Purdue seemed to fit those categories and was also prestigious worldwide. Sometimes, living in one state makes you feel like you’re living in a bubble, so I also wanted to explore more of the Midwest.

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