The College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) offers a variety of clinics across Psychological Sciences; Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences; and Nursing that allow you to gain real-world experience in your chosen field. From observing appointments to caring for patients, HHS clinics enhance your learning as an undergraduate or graduate student while promoting healthy living within the community. Learn more about the services offered.

Psychology Sciences Treatment and Research Clinics

The Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics are comprised of the Adult Services Clinic, the Child and Behavior Management Clinic and the Assessment Clinic, allowing students in our clinical psychological sciences graduate program to gain experience working with clients of all ages who are experiencing a wide array of mental disorders and conditions.

As a graduate student in the clinical psychological sciences program, you are required to enroll in a clinical psychology practicum in the Psychology Treatment and Research Clinics. This allows you to practice evidence-based services, including assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, under the supervision of a licensed faculty member.

Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinics

As an undergraduate or graduate student in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS), you’ll gain insights into real-world applications of speech, language, and hearing healthcare in the department’s 31 clinical programs. The SLHS clinics span a wide range of speech, language, hearing, swallowing and balance conditions, providing you with understanding of a variety of approaches for individuals of all ages.

As an undergraduate, you may choose to observe speech-language pathology or audiology appointments as well as provide support for clinical operations. As a graduate student in our audiology or speech-language pathology programs, you’ll provide valuable services to the community as you put the skills you’ve learned into practice under the supervision of a licensed faculty member.

Nursing Clinics

Clinical experience is an important component of nursing education, and the School of Nursing offers multiple opportunities for you to gain experience and view healthcare from multiple perspectives.. These include providing health and wellness screenings, health physicals, and health education to Purdue’s West Lafayette campus in the Nursing Center for Family Health and delivering care to patients in healthcare settings across Greater Lafayette,  as well as providing healthcare services to rural communities in through our Family Health Clinic. The School of Nursing also has agreements with many other clinical agencies where you can gain clinical experience, including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities and more.