We’re here to help you take your next giant leap in health sciences. Whether you’re looking for funding to support your Purdue education, searching for an internship, or exploring ways to get more involved within your major or program, the Department of Psychological Sciences offers a variety of tools and resources to help you successfully reach your goals.

Current Undergraduate Student Toolbox

Degree Requirements

Keep your degree on track, and plan for the courses you need to complete your major.


Scholarships and Awards

Explore opportunities to make your education more affordable through departmental scholarships and awards.

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Honors Program

Elevate your research, and gain access to exclusive seminars and peer mentoring opportunities by participating in our psychological sciences honors program.

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Research Opportunities

Dive into the science of asking questions and discover how research improves the world as you develop essential skills for both research and non-research careers.

Get Involved
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Undergraduate Conference

More information coming soon.

Find Internships and Jobs

Identify your career interests, learn how to search for jobs and internships, and access job boards and other career-related tools.

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Student Organizations

Take your education beyond the classroom by participating in a variety of student organizations related to your major and interests.  

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PSY 120 Research Participation

Find all the information you need to know to participate in experiments.

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Current Graduate Student Toolbox

Graduate Handbook

Gather additional details about policies, procedures and requirements for your Psychological Sciences graduate program.

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From academic achievements to research and teaching excellence, the Department of Psychological Sciences offers a variety of awards to recognize your accomplishments.

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Financial Support

Explore opportunities to help fund your graduate education.

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Graduate Staff Employment Manual

Learn about current policies and practices related to the employment of graduate staff members.


Student Organizations

Feel a sense of connection to the Psychological Sciences’ graduate student community by joining a graduate student organization.