The speech, language, and hearing sciences major focuses on the science of human communication and the disorders that affect our ability to communicate effectively. In speech, language, and hearing sciences, you will learn about the mechanisms that allow us to hear sounds, understand language, speak efficiently and swallow safely. You will gain foundational knowledge in the evaluation, treatment and research of human communication disorders, which will prepare you for a variety of career opportunities in healthcare. The coursework also fulfills the requirements needed to enter graduate programs in speech-language pathology or audiology.

In the major, you can also gain hands-on experience in the department’s audiology clinics; speech, language and swallowing clinics; and state-of-the-art research laboratories in Lyles-Porter Hall. The major also provides you with the opportunity to pursue specialized research interests within the field of communication sciences and disorders. 

Career Opportunities

  • Healthcare
  • Child care and gerontology
  • Human resources
  • Rehabilitation and human services
  • Scientific or technical communication

Potential Areas of Advanced Study

  • Audiology
  • Healthcare administration
  • Higher education administration
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Public health
  • Social work
  • Speech-language pathology

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Learning Experiences

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“I chose Purdue because of its wonderful Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences program! I really felt as though I could be successful in my academic career if I attended Purdue and would truly grow in my education. Not only was I impressed by their SLHS program, I felt at home when I visited and saw an active Muslim Student Association on campus.”

— Lamyaa

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