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As Dr. Clara E. Bell recognized 40 years ago, systemic racism is still pervasive in healthcare and nursing. The Purdue School of Nursing (NUR) acknowledges the amount of work still to be done in this field, and we strive to carry on the legacy left by NUR’s first Black professor. 

Our Mission

Nursing stands at the intersectionality of healthcare and social justice. Nursing knowledge, research and practice must be anchored in acceptance and cultural humility. The Purdue University School of Nursing represents the communities we serve and upholds the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). We promote a safe environment to ensure the human dignity of all.

What We Are Doing

We have created a council aimed at eliminating systemic racism and promoting DEI for our students, faculty, staff, and community. Watch the short video to see how the Purdue School of Nursing is committed to serving our community in all of its diversity.

DEI Committees

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Faculty/Staff Committee Members

DEI Programs and Learning

As a student in the School of Nursing, you’ll have a variety of opportunities to grow your diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) knowledge within your field of study, from courses with a DEI emphasis to department-specific DEI programming.

Undergraduate Students

Courses with emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion

  • NUR 220 – Essentials of Nursing Practice II
  • NUR 222 – Population Health
  • NUR 314 – Health Alterations in Adults I
  • NUR 317 – Health Alterations in Adults II
  • NUR 410 – Issues in Professional Nursing
  • NUR 414 – Pediatric Nursing
  • NUR 415 – Public Health Nursing

Graduate Students


Courses with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion

  • NUR 505 – Sociocultural Influences on Health
  • NUR 512 – Clinical Application of Pharmacotherapeutics
  • NUR 515 – Health Promotion in Pediatric Populations
  • NUR 529 – Acute Illness: Pediatric Health Preceptorship
  • NUR 611 – Primary Care of the Young Family
  • NUR 632 – Health Policy: Local to Global
  • NUR 680 – DNP Cognate Residency: Direct Practice/Systems Management


In their persistent pursuit of improving health and well-being, many faculty members in the School of Nursing specialize in topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion across a variety of research areas.

The following faculty have research interests and expertise in DEI:

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are core to the mission and values of HHS.

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For questions, concerns or to learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion in the School of Nursing, please reach out to nursDEI@purdue.edu.